Solutia expands its Marketing services in Russia

  • Solutia expands its Marketing services in Russia

    Following two meetings of big delegation of knowledge-based companies to Russia for an international industrial fair in Ekaterinburg for the purpose of promoting mutual cooperation in the field of science and technology, Solutia marketing advisers expands their activities to follow up negotiations among Iranian and Russian companies.

    Iranian firms with huge progress in the pharmaceutical, medical and Information Technology fields have great opportunities to export their products to Russia. It should be noted that today people from Russia, Turkey and other regional states are treated by medicines produced by Iranian biotechnology firms.

    Hopefully one of Iranian knowledge-based firm which attended these meetings, for instance, has managed by Solutia group to register its products in MOH of Russia. These medicines can treat at least 4 incurable diseases and is unique in Western Asia.

    Solutia as the marketing wing of Iranian technological and innovative companies has already made huge progress over the recent years expanding biotechnology, information, communication and nanotechnology products into other foreign markets.

    During these meetings in Ekaterinburg and Moscow on 2019 July, B2B talks were also held between Iranian and Russian business people which were translated by market advisers of Solutia group.

    We are proud that our team in Ekaterinburg led a delegation of 70 Iranian knowledge-based companies has taken part in the 10th edition of INNOPROM, an international industrial fair held in Russia’s Ekaterinburg since 2010.

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