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    Start-up Visa Procedure for Canada
    1- Initial evaluation of team, Contracting and help to prepare pitch deck (CAD 1000)
    2- Interview and pitch practice with consultants in Canada or UK (Free of charge)
    3- Complete GUST profile and apply to Venture Capital (Free of charge)
    4- Sending introduction letter to Vantec Angel investors (Free of charge)
    5- Initial Assessment for the SUV Program, Including 90 second pitch deck and 3.5 minutes Q&A (CAD 250 + TAX)
    6- Deal Screening, 90-second pitch + Q&A for 3:30 minutes (Free of charge)
    The goal is that potential investors can hear project pitch plus assistance to process SUV application (including assessment after a 90 second pitch, voting and valuable feedbacks. There is a panel of 12-15 angel investors and we have just one vote. If you can not get enough votes, you will have 3 chances to present within a 6 month period.
    7- Preview Event 90-second pitch for networking and Q&A for 20 minutes. All investors, 40-140 (depending on how many of them attend (CAD 75 + TAX)
    8- Preparing SUV package (CAD 1000 to 40,000 depending on readiness level of team)
    • Passport copies of each applicant
    • Full contact details of each applicant (phone, email, mailing address)
    • Job description of each applicant
    • Gust 1-pager checked for spelling and grammar
    • Slide deck downloaded from Gust profile for presentation to angel meeting
    • Word version of your business plan plus any supporting documents that are referenced in the business plan document
    • Incorporation documents (if applicable and you are already incorporated in Canada)
    • Intellectual Property documents such as customer list, trademark, patent
    • Cap table showing number of shares each applicant owns in the company
    • Signed IMM 5476 of each applicant
    • Angel team acknowledgement letter
    9- Issuing Letter of Support (Free of charge)
    10- Review LoS + SUV package and submit to IRCC (CAD 5,000 + TAX)
    11- Peer Review to assistance for SUV Review by the IRCC (CAD 1,500 + TAX)
    • To make sure that the investor’s activities and those of the SUV applicant are aligned with industry and IRCC Standards
    • Checking the forms which have filled, check the payment of correct fees and checking other required documents.
    • Assessing the level of due diligence that was performed by the Investor
    • Ensuring that the business ownership has been verified
    • Ensuring that the team has viability with the proposed business model
    • Ensuring that the team has sufficient management and related experience within the business venture’s team
    • Checking verifiable ownership of the intellectual property and validate the idea origination
    • Checking that the team can answer “Why it must be built in Canada”
    • Ensuring the focus of the business is on a high-growth potential product and/or service
    • Ensuring the Investment Pitch is articulate, clearly represents the business and answers the following: Problem, Solution, Market, Ask
    12- Consulting for immigration procedure (By authorized lawyer)
    Startups need to have an RCIC as part of the process and without IMM 5476 the SUV package will not be submitted by angel investors and also we provide complementary advice before coming to Canada. The team should prepare a 100-day plan and present to Solutia.
    13- Arrive in Canada and complete the fundraising process (5% of the funding raised for commission)
    We hope bests for your Start Up Visa application

    Solutia team



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