For Inventors and Investors

For Inventors

If you have an innovation, discovery or technology that you desire to:

  • Find an investor to produce it
  • Raise fund to develop it
  • Be Licensed by an international manufacturer
  • We will help you to commercialize it. Just consider that:
  • Your technology shouldn’t be just an idea
  • Ownership of the technology has to belong to you.
  • Give us the authority of pricing and sales negotiations
I have a technology

For Investors

If your organization looks for innovative technologies, You can order your request to us. We will introduce you the most profitable technologies you are seeking.

Also as an industry if you have different requirements to optimize your products or process, we can provide you the best solution via our strong database.

Lets have a confidential agreement so that you can access our database and get information about new discoveries and innovations related to your business.

I am interested in knowing about Solutia’s technologies

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