Darou Darman Salafchegan takes its CE and ISO 13485 Standards

  • Darou Darman Salafchegan takes its CE and ISO 13485 Standards

    Darou Darman Salafchegan company was Founded in 2000, producing high quality and natural-based products to satisfy customer’s needs for skin cure & care. They are devoted to develop and manufacture a complete range of personal and cosmetic care products that are completely natural. Their products have been developed using premium ingredients to make each product unique and compatible with the most sensitive skins without disturbing the balance of nature natural balance.

    The company has planned to export to Southeast of Asia in 2019 via Solutia’s agent in Malaysia. They are providing all prerequisites for exportation such as CE and ISO 13485 certificates in the field of skin care consumables under supervision of Solutia’s agent. Their products have been selling in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and some other countries so far, but their strategic launch of a considerable growth in the market of Southeast of Asia is being planned by  Solutia.

    Solutia decides to transfer production technology of “Derma Heal” to an Oman pharmaceutical investor Company in 2019. This product is highly effective to treat diabetic foot wounds with a competitive price. Moreover, Solutia’s agent in South Africa advised Darou Darman Salafchegan Company to establish a new production line in South Africa to produce its veterinary products and export them to SADC company. This project is planned to start in the last quarter of 2019 by direct supervision of Solutia.

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