Iranian Mobile Games in hands of Kenyan youth

  • Iranian Mobile Games in hands of Kenyan youth

    The Narin Foundation for Digital Science was founded with the aim of developing digital technologies. The company’s services are categorized as Apps, USSD, MMS, and SMS. By 2018, Narin has developed new digital products with the development of smart phones, tablets, supplying just local market.

    In 2018 October the company started the first international cooperation with help of Solutia’s agent in Kenya, which resulted in a long-term contract for localization and sales of more than 10 games and mobile application to Safaricom, which is a leading company in the field of communications in Kenya.

    As Solutia agent in Kenya reported, first launch of these mobile games in smart phones will be in March 2019 with total estimated sales of 3 million US$. It is the first time that an Iranian start-up enters into the market of Kenya smart phone applications and games.

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