3 months market research and marketing package of Solutia

  • 3 months market research and marketing package of Solutia

    Countries in the South East of Asia are experiencing a good economic growth with a rate of more than 5% at 2021. Among their five major economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) Solutia has expanded its services in Malaysia because of its easiness of doing business.

    Due to ASEAN trade agreement, business among these countries is facilitated and great population in this region shows great potential for business development. Business matchmaking and finding trusted and enthusiastic partner in these countries is the most important step to develop the business.

    Solutia starts its 3 months market analysis package to evaluate the market for different products and commodities in Malaysia and other countries in ASEAN. Regarding this package, after 3 months each client can understand its potential market of its product or service, adaptability of product to the market, its competitors, its entry mode and marketing strategy, while Solutia team in Malaysia will introduce potential candidates for partnership in this region. Final marketing phase of Solutia team focus on presentation of product/service and negotiation with candidates to find the best for future business of client. There is a sample marketing activity in Indonesia which may be interesting for companies.

    Solutia is proud to present this package for every company which is interested to develop its market in ASEAN. For further information be in contact with Solutia team.

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