High efficient Salico dryer of Khazar Electirc helps paddy industry of Indonesia

  • High efficient Salico dryer of Khazar Electirc helps paddy industry of Indonesia

    Indonesia is the third biggest paddy producing country worldwide with its annual production of around 83 million ton at 2018. Paddy has high moisture content, up to 24%, when it is harvested. Moist paddy needs immediate drying after it is harvested to reduce its moisture content to 14% or less for milling or for safe storage, respectively.

    Different studies show that the post harvest loss of the paddy lies in between 10% and 37%, in which drying related losses might be from 1% up to 10%. Current paddy dryers in rice industries of Indonesia are not so efficient and produce considerable amount of broken ice while consuming lots of energy during drying process in traditional drying even factories use horizontal dryers.

    Salico dryer of Khazar Electric with high efficiency energy consumption (like its other machines) and its competitive price will help this industry in Indonesia.

    After three months market research of paddy dryers done by Solutia team in Indonesia following order of Khazar Electirc, results show that there is a very good market for these kinds of vertical paddy dryers in this country which can increase efficacy and profitability for farmers and rice producers in Indonesia.

    Khazar Electric plans to enter Indonesia’s paddy dryer market on 2021 with its Salico vertical dryer following market research and advises of Solutia’s marketing team in Indonesia. This company has already exported some of its most useful and high performance render cookers to some hatcheries and slaughterhouses of Indonesia to help them for better waste management.   

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