Best Export Target Market Analysis

Solutia has its analysis methodology based on Import/Export statistics to consult the clients on how to expand their market in other countries and select their export portfolio.

The report consists of 70 pages including market analysis of countries based on most attractive export markets, sensitive to price markets, brand and high- technology markets, etc.

The report provides excellent offers for targeting export markets and would be useful for the producers of PAC systems around the world.

Hemo Sponge (HeSp)

Willingness: Joint production, Licensing, Transfer of IP

A soft, flexible and porous hemostatic sponge, based on natural biopolymers.
It is applicable for Hemostatic agent for hemodialysis puncture sites and also Other injection punctures or hemorrhage.
“HeSp” as a rapid hemostatic foam can be used to stop bleeding after hemodialysis in less than one minute, while this process takes time 20-30 minutes with traditional hemostasis agents.

Smart Wound Dressing with Rapid Infection Diagnosis

Willingness: Transfer of IP, Joint Production

This is an advanced wound dressing, which facilitates the healing process and rapidly determines the wound infection status, at a same time. It is applicable in:

  • Early diagnosis of infection (less than 10 seconds)
  • It is an approximately universal detector for diagnosing infection of any origin
  • Avoiding unnecessary antibiotic administration
  • Avoiding ineffective wound treatment
  • Acting as a biosensor and facilitating wound care by providing a moist environment, at the same time

Robotic exoskeleton for disabled people

Willingness: Transfer of IP, Joint Production

Robotic exoskeleton is a new technology in the world. The history of this technology backs to fifty years ago. So it could not be invented earlier.
The main idea is to make an external active skeleton, with less weight, to be wear by disable people and help them to walk.
This product has battery as power source, and electromotor as actuators to make user be able to walk again.
Walking is the best wish for paraplegic people. So they are able to pay any costs (physical or spiritual) if it really works.

Detector of forbidden materials

Willingness: Export, Joint production, Transfer of IP

“SOLUT” and “SATIA” instruments commonly detect explosive, narcotic, pesticide and antibiotic materials but other trace quantities of materials can be added to their libraries easily. These products are mostly used at airport checkpoints, ports, post offices and so many other places as a complementary security system to avoid forbidden material transportation.

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Electronic Tracking System

Willingness: Export, Joint Production

Electronic tracking monitoring system, consisting of online tracking and daily tracking report of the persons especially Prisoners, Patients (Alzheimer), Elders, Transportation, Military applications, Security applications and etc.

Electronic tracking monitoring system, consisting of online tracking and daily tracking report of the person (by GPRS, SMS, BTS and GPS satellites); precise date and time of the person’s position; the percentage of battery remaining; speed rate of the person in terms of km/h with the position; the SOS key for asking help by the person; status of belt that indicate it is connected or not along with informing the supervisor and warning system for lack of amount of battery charge.

Bio Pesticide

Willingness: Transfer of IP, Joint Production

Large-scale application and demonstration of EPN have been dominated in the Western Countries covering thousands of hectares of lands. So far, more than 120 species of these EPN have been described and out of these nine species of Steinernema and three of Heterorhabditis (seven alone in US) have been commercially exploited worldwide.

This technology relates to the Liquid Culture and formulation of Entomopathogenic Nematodes, Steinernema carpocapsae and S. feltiae to control pests in farms and gardens.


Willingness: Joint Production in Iran, Licensing

Graphene is a transparent and flexible conductor that holds great promise for various material/device applications, including solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LED), touch panels, and smart windows or phones. For instance, smartphone products with graphene touch screens are already on the market.

We have the technology for the production of graphene with a capacity of 1 Kg/day and we can scale-up this lab-scale know how.

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