How do we help you to export?

If you are interested in exporting your products or services, just send us some information about your products or services. We will evaluate its chance to be exported trough our network of partners in different countries and will inform you about the result. Our expertise including but not limited to the following fields.

Analytical Devices

Laboratory Equipment

Polymeric Compounds

Software and Games


Solutia provides “export readiness assessment” service for companies who will to export their products by free. You can just download Solutia’s questionnaire file, fill it and send it back to us by email. Solutia will assess your company and product export potentials and give the results back to you soon.

How do we Invest in Technology?

Solutia is interested in introducing your innovative projects to its network of investors in Europe, China and Middle Eastern countries. Solutia can support and invest in firms and projects that their technology is proven and can be commercialized. So mostly the owners of technology should have their prototypes or patents. So if we receive a project or proposal which is not proven or can’t be commercialized, we don’t proceed.

Any innovation or technology which is focused on “Productivity”


Intelligent Reaction & Internet of Things

Assistant Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence & (AI)


Solutia mainly focus on projects and companies that can enhance firms’ productivity by either enhancing the existing process or reducing the cost by automation or using AI technologies. These are best sectors to fund raise for Solutia group and we have great potentials to invite our investor in these types of projects very easily

Second group is “Disruptive & Digital Transformation”


Block Chain

Consumer Market Place Products

Health Care Systems & Software


The second group of projects and firms which Solutia is attracted to, are those that are working on the subject of overturning the existing process and replacing them by more secure, simple and customer friendly process.  

Health Care systems and software are somewhat difficult because they need to comply with the regulation of EU requirements, Chinese authorities or other countries as its target markets. On the other hand Consumer Market Place and Fintech business are more internationally orientated.

Third investment group is “Clean Energy & Recycling”

Micro grids & Smart grids

Carbon removal or capture technologies

Clean water and water treatment technologies

Clean water and water treatment technologies

Here the focus is reducing the carbon footprint either by utilizing new clean energies, capturing or removing pollution from environment or developing new recycling technologies. 

Solutia Investment Model

Companies can overcome their investment’s requirement via Solutia. Solutia connects owners of innovative idea or technology to trusted investors after some evaluations.

  1. You need to have market overview, technical information, technical and financial presentation for your technology/invention and send it to Solutia.
  2. Your technology will be evaluated for its market potentials for its market potentials from its financial point of view and following the result of the evaluation the contract will be finalized.
  3. Solutia will present your technology to its network and then it will connect you to business angles or investors if they were interested.
  4. We receive 1 to 10% of shares in final contract between investor and the owner of technology.
  5. We help you to prepare required technology transfer documents and its legal affairs.

Who can apply for the investment?

Any body who has a know how, patent, startup, innovative idea can apply to get help. It is important that you have enough documents and prototype to defend your claims.

  • Inventors
  • Scientists
  • Startups
  • Knowledge Based companies
  • Research Centers

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