A trade, consulting and marketing network

Solutia as a consulting and trade group has business and technology agents in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Furthermore, there are some strategic business partners in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Mexico and some other countries working together, sharing demands and opportunities.

Solutia’s strategy is based on finding trusted partners mostly for SMEs in each country for long-term cooperation and supporting these businesses for mid-term or long-term periods. Different services are provided for clients including primary consulting, marketing, market research, financing, legal and investment services.

Our Vision

The most well-known company in the Middle East Countries

To Provide technological products and solutions with high quality and economical prices

Our Mission

We exist to empower businesses in the Middle East Countries

Via providing “high-quality technological products” and “services related to marketing of technologies” with competitive prices while we are committed to provide full after-sales service and comprehensive supports to our customers.

Our Goals

  • Market analysis and marketing of products and services
  • Valuation and commercialization of technologies and innovations
  • Export Readiness Assessment and Exporting companies’ products
  • Consulting, financing and legal services to SMEs

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