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  • PACS market in Southeast Asia is expected to be worth US$329.3 million in 2021

    Marcopacs as the leader of PACS (picture archiving and communication system) in Iran, recently ordered to Solutia for a market research to find best export targets around the world for its very competitive products. Analysis of world market for PACS system shows that China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam...

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  • High efficient Salico dryer of Khazar Electirc helps paddy industry of Indonesia

    Indonesia is the third biggest paddy producing country worldwide with its annual production of around 83 million ton at 2018. Paddy has high moisture content, up to 24%, when it is harvested. Moist paddy needs immediate drying after it is harvested to reduce its moisture content to 14% or...

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  • How can SMEs enter the Middle East market?

    Generally Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) confine their activities to their domestic market. Firms that venture out into the international market had already grown beyond SME stage, i.e. they are fully developed corporations. Starting with the simple model, an entrepreneur is going into business for itself. If the...

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